Show Time


I really wanted to see some winching footage from earlier this summer, but that will do K33. I wish I could ride errday but unfortunately it has been cold/I have had way too much homework/the rest of my time is spent stealing Kyle’s money. Anyway, this is what my room looks like now and I will be stuck in it for the next few hours. PS my newfound love/old friend in ┬áthe corner has made the end of my summer 3P1c.




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some stuff

here is some riding from the past week. enjoy

but first check jimmy carlin out. mad scientist. or maybe that kid that everyone thinks will turn psycho and kill everyone. regarless, this is ridiculous. uptown kick down…

ok here.


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so lately not much has been going on around here. tyler left, kly left, and everyone was out of town for the weekend. jen and myself took some soul sessions with lex but other then that, its been straight school and cleaning and whatnot. beans is here chillen too if anyone was worried. havent filmed in days but james is working on a winch edit i know… if anyone was wondering about the malibu thing, here is a linked video….


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I have been away for some time, but that does not mean I have forgotten about this site (or the crew, for that matter). I have been on a creative dryspell lately, probably due to the excess of education I have been accumulating as of late… but enough about that. The only thing I really have to show for myself right now is this.


And yes, I take photos of myself while driving. Roede had to work a double at Rancho yesterday so I had no one to cruise with… nonetheless, this place is calling my name as we speak. I wish it was open more than three days a week.



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some kinda gladiator match?

obviously since james is new around here and already pulling his weight, i think its time for a little poll. this one is straight ingenious. ive know brad for years, and just met james within the last year but james seems to be a little more on task right now… so let me hear your predictions. american gladiator starts now.


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New member to the crew??

Im honestly so flattered with this invite to join the kee and kly show that I dont even know what to say…Since Keaton has come into town things have been starting to shift towards the wild side. I guess I should introduce myself first and let you know some things about me. Im James and have been living on this thing we call earth since march 14, 1989 the same day Bush declared it illegal to import assault weapons in to the U.S. As keaton said in my bio, I sometimes like to impersonate ron burgandy on the weekends whenever I get a chance. If im not impersonating Ron then you can usually catch me on the water doing some filming or wakeskating. The good news is that since Keaton has got into town we have been doing work out on the lake trying to film and ride everyday if possible. Here is a little something I put together of Tyler and Keaton after 2 short sets, Enjoy!

Untitled from james on Vimeo.</pt

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island fotos

here is a set with nick down on the island. fun times.




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getcha some.


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a bunch of guys playing with each other’s wood

so kly and me are down on the anna maria islands staying with nick, just loving life. one week left before school. funnn. but anyways, we have been working on a rail that should blow everyones minds.. here are some quick shots


it should be funnnnn. sorry i been really busy brad. ill call you today for sure. and your not the only one looking crusty these days….


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Keaton. Call me. Seriously. I haven’t heard your sweet voice in what feels like weeks, and it kills me inside. Bobby and a very sexy friend are making the trek from STL today to ride the cable but unfortunately I have class. Michael drove through KC yesterday and didn’t even stop to say hello :(. At least I still have Brent. We are getting ready to go grab lunch and skate downtown. K33, enjoy. The light makes me look like a ginger.



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